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In order to meet your legal needs efficiently and quickly, McConnell Law Offices operates a primarily paperless office. By utilizing “MyCase,” you can access your documents online, anytime, anywhere. You can send documents electronically, and check your next court date without digging through papers or making unnecessary phone calls, and make payments online at any time. Designed to facilitate attorney-client communications, MyCase is a secure portal that allows privileged communication between you and your attorney.

Once you hire McConnell Law, a private account will be created for you to log in to your MyCase. Click on the link in the header above “Log in to MyCase” to access your case information.

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Is MyCase secure?

Many clients wonder how we keep their information private online. At McConnell Law, we understand that your privacy is important, and do our best to keep your information secure.

MyCase is physically Secure. MyCase runs on Amazon EC2 cloud servers. Amazon facilities are nondescript locations protected by military grade perimeters. Physical access is strictly controlled by two factor authentication and 24 hour security escorts.

MyCase uses State of the Art Encryption. All sensitive information is encrypted by MyCase before it’s written to disk. MyCase uses 128-bit SSL encryption for data transmission and 256-bit AES encryption when storing data.  Unique keys are generated for every item, providing an additional layer of security.

But what if you lose my information?

Data is backed up using Amazon S3 storage, providing extremely high durability. MyCase performs regular backups of the entire MyCase database and data integrity is validated on every individual update.

MyCase uses a safe and secure hosting platform. MyCase is built on top of Amazon’s EC2 cloud computing platform (yes, that’s the same Amazon that you use when shopping online). They’ve got over a decade of experience on running online servers and data centers, so you know you can trust them to be at the leading edge of online service technology.